Leila A – Music Review
April 18th, 2010
Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)

Leila A., (pronounced Lay-lah) has a fresh sophisticated retro sound that makes you want for more!
Music Reviewed by Bill Messick
When I first listened to the song Mustang Johnny I got this crazy 70’s or 80’s retro feeling that washed over me, my first thought was that I had heard this song someplace in my not so distant past. For some strange reason it brought up memories of Bob Seger and the Cars and I’m not trying to date myself here! That had to be the cool retro sound that I was hearing, the music has sweet depth to it that shows there is a solid background to this artist’s music career. With it bluesy riffs and jazzy sound the little rock song can sing!
I had to hear more so I went to Leila’s MySpace Page and got my ears on a couple other tunes. “Cause Here I Am” was the next song I heard and I wasn’t disappointed. It was a softer sexier song with a sweet guitar playing tricky little licks in your ear. As the song moves on it gains depth and works it’s way around back to the start of its end. Very nice tune!
The last song was called “Colours Of Love” and it took on a sophisticated sound that mixed a jazzy yet kind of Spanish sound with a bunch of sex appeal, I could see Leila in a long black dress in a soft light sitting on a baby grand piano.
Out of the three songs I reviewed it was very clear to me that Leila comes from a musical background, it shows in the diversity of her music and the range of genre’s she covered.
Leila gets 5 stars and I would recommend this music to anyone that likes a sexy retro sound with depth.